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NG94 MKII Desktop DAC-- Hi-End PCM1794 / AD1955 USB DAC+SPDIF DAC+Headphone Amplifier

NG94 MKII Desktop DAC-- Hi-End PCM1794/AD1955 USB DAC+SPDIF DAC+Headphone Amplifier

  ¡óNG94 upgrade version NG94 MKII
  ¡óA very perfect Desktop Mini DAC. 
  ¡óIt integrated a sound card, a Earphone AMP and a DAC. 
  ¡óIt is the best chioce for you to have...... 
  ¡óMain DAC Use Burr-Brown PCM1794, up-graded version of PCM1792 (one per channel) offers wider dynamic range and lowers distortion,The high-level desktop multi-function DAC and headphone amplifier (D / A converter) 
  ¡óNG94 MKII can choose Main DAC Use AD1955(Please tell me, The default send for PCM1794 Version) 
  ¡óNG94 MKII version features: the overall tone more transparent, more quiet background, headphone amplifier power stronger...... 
  ¡óNG94 MKII add Optical input. 
  ¡óNG94 MKII add BNC input. 
  ¡óNG94 MKII Headphone Amplifier Reference SOLO HeadPhone Amplifier.

  MKII Version will be used more professional components, more rigorous screening mechanism components, more stringent testing and debugging. So as to ensure that each product can meet the requirement, allows users to be able to feel the full NG Series brings you unparalleled access to seeing and hearing enjoyment.

  Part of the analog signal to a fully symmetrical layout of the way, delicate appearance. The use of high-quality HIFI components assembled: Yageo SMD resistor, Nichicon exclusive audio capacitance, CBB for all of use WIMA, PHILIPS high-speed rectifier. Digital filter use Burr-Brown DIR9001, I / V conversion and LPF use AD OP275GS and BB OPA2134UA,  coupling used BENNIC XPP capacitance, raise the overall tone guaranteed. Audio components are all part of the 1% precision matching to ensure that every detail of the audio can restore unabated.

Japan ALPS potentiometer.
  Specifically tailored to high-quality all-copper-containing
  transformers shielding to ensure that the full power of the entire system.
  All-aluminum oxide drawing black shell design, better quality is very good.


Product specifications Indicators: 
   ¡óSize: 11cm x 4.5cm x 23cm (width x high x deep)
   ¡óDynamic Range: >120db 
   ¡óSignal To Noise Ratio: 0.0005% 
   ¡óFrequency Response: 20Hz---20KHz 
   ¡óSampling Rate: 16Bit 32K 44.1K 48K
   ¡óInput Interface: USB,  Coaxial (BNC/RCA), Optical. 
   ¡óUSB INPUT: PC2001 USB-B (plug and play, Windows2000 or Higher),(Computer Mac OS 9.1 or later Japanese/English Edition, Computer Mac OS X 10.0 or later English Edition)   
   ¡óOutput Interface: RCA stereo line out and 6.35 stereo headphones output 
   ¡óLine-OUT: 3V RMS (R, L-level error is less than 0.05V, typical for the 0.02-0.03V ) 
   ¡óHeadPhone-OUT: 9V RMS    
   ¡óAC Input: 220V 50-60Hz  or 110V 50-60Hz  
   ¡óPower: less than 10Watt 
   ¡óWarranty: One year (Buyers assume freight) 
   ¡óSuitable Headphone Impedance    10 ohm---600 ohm 
   ¡óItem Include: NG94 MKII X1, USB cable X1, Power cableX1, BNC to RCA Adapter X1,1/4" Stereo M to 3.5mm Stereo F Adapter X1.

USB controller: Burr-Brown PCM2902E
   --Unlike other USB dac use pcm170x chip which integrate USB reciving and dac in one chip, which is very low cost and low performance. Our approach of USB DAC use very decicate design, using independent USB recieing chip.
   --Full speed transciever (REAL AUDIO 1.1)

Digital input receiver : DIR9001
   --DIR9001 is a new modern IC, much more expensive than that popular CS8412/4/6 used in all other DAC. Much more music details keep and accurate sound you obtain.

Main DAC:
  Burr-Brown PCM1794 (Default)
   --Advanced Segment Audio Stereo DAC
   --Dynamic Range: 132dB THD+N: 0.0004%
   --8¡Á Oversampling Digital Filter
   --Differential Current Output: 7.8 mA p-p

   --PCM Stereo Audio DAC System.
   --120 dB SNR/DNR
   ---110 dB THD+N
   --110 dB Stopband Attenuation with +/-0.0002dB Passband Ripple
   --8x Oversampling Digital Filter
   --8.64 mA p-p Output Current.

I/V and LVP: Burr-Brown OPA2134UA+ AD OP275GS

Headphone Amplifier:Burr-Brown OPA2134UA+TIP41C*2+TIP42C*2(Reference SOLO HeadPhone Amplifier)


NG94 PCM1794 DAC/Headphone Amplifier

PCM1794 DAC Module ( This NG94 MKII DAC Default Use it )

NG94 MKII AD1955 DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Purchasing Instructions:
At the time of purchase, please indicate the following:

Contact telephone number for shipping purposes
your couftry's voltagd specs: 110V ( US, Canada, etc ),  220V  ( Europe, Asia, etc )

The auction includes:
  1¡¢NG94 MKII Desktop DAC *1pcs  ( PCM1794 Version OR AD1955 Version )
  2¡¢USB Cable * 1pcs
  3¡¢Power Cable * 1pcs
  4¡¢BNC to RCA Adapter  * 1pcs
  5¡¢1/4" Stereo M to 3.5mm Stereo F Adapter * 1pcs 

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NG94 MKII (AD1955 Version) DAC+ by Registered Air Mail US $260.00     £¨About 7-25days£©

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