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ATMEL AVR ATMEGA128(L) AVR Development Board


   1). 8 LEDs are provided.
   2). 8 buttons are provided.
   3). Reset buttons.
   4). 2 * RS-232 communication for connection with a PC or any other device with a DB9 connector
   5). External power supply Input (DC 5V Input), VCC can select 5V or 3.3V,
   6). All pins are taken out on IDC connectors to make them available for further connections.
   7). ISP Port
   8). JATG Port
   9). Hv Programmer Port
   10). Clock selection ¨C jumper for switch between various oscillation modes, to replace crystal vibration of different frequency as required by development of product.
   11). Also can support ATMEGA64 / ATMEGA64L / ATMEGA128L / ATMEGA128




Figure 1. JTAG header pinout

Figure 2. 10-pin ISP header pinout

Figure 3. 6-pin ISP header pinout


 Package includes the following item:

  1). AVR ATMEGA128L Development Board * 1 ( included 1pcs ATMEGA128L-8AU Chip )
  2). USB Power Cable * 1
  3). 4pin Experimental wire * 2
  4). 2pin Experimental wire * 2
  5). CD-ROM (AVR Studio soft; Chip's datasheet; ATMEGA16 Board Schematic..)

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