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ISP programming not working [2011-3-1]

Microchip MCU PICC Compiler [2011-2-25]

Microchip MCU PICC Compiler [2011-2-25]

ICD2/MCD2 summary of frequently asked questions [2011-2-23]

Are you using the RJ-11 cable shipped with MPLAB ICD2/MCD2? [2011-2-22]

Are you using a USB hub? [2011-2-22]

Is the target powered or are you powering from the MPLAB ICD2/MCD2? [2011-2-22]

Are you using a Microchip demo board or your own design? [2011-2-22]

What device are you working with? [2011-2-22]

Top3100 Universal Programmer supported devices List: [2011-2-15]

Top2009 Universal Programmer supported devices List: [2011-2-15]

Top3000 Universal Programmer supported devices List: [2011-2-15]

G540 Universal Support chip list [2011-2-14]

Why doesn't my sketch start when I power up or reset the Arduino board? [2011-2-14]

Why does do the Arduino software and the Tools menu take a long time to open (on Windows)? [2011-2-14]

What about the error "Could not find the main class."? [2011-2-14]

Why won't Arduino run on old versions of Mac OS X? [2011-2-14]

What should I do if I get an error when launching arduino.exe on Windows? [2011-2-14]

Why does my Diecimila take such a long time (6-8 seconds) to start my sketch? [2011-2-14]

What if my board doesn't turn on (the green power LED doesn't light up)? [2011-2-14]

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