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   QLS Electronic committed to the development, production and marketing of MCU development tools,electronic products, including PIC MCU development board, PIC MCU Programmer,PIC MCU Debugger,Chip's Adapter......
   QLS is a high-tech corporation located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province of P.R.China, where the electronic industry is highly developed.
   We are now selling products including: Mplab ICD2 debugger tools, QL2006 PIC Programmer, QL200 pic Development board, JDM Programmer, 128x64(12864) Graphic LCD Display module ...
   We are as a growing specialist team which focus on mcu development tools. we would like to do our best to provide the mcu development products with high performance, reliability and reasonable price to our customers.


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Shen Zhen QLS Elecrtonic TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.
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